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Complexity of Design

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 *** IMPORTANT ***
If this listing says Sold Out, please join my newsletter for updates on availability (I am hard at work on other orders and will reopen this listing as soon as I can). Check back frequently for restocks (but the newsletter is the best place to go)


This listing is for individuals or businesses who wish to have a stamp made of their logo, name, or design. This listing is not for me to design a logo for you, you must come with your own logo pre-designed.

Hand carved stamps are:
- Made with love and individually crafted by hand
- Are perfectly imperfect. Due to the nature of a hand carved stamp,  lines will be straight but may not be as perfectly straight as when a machine makes it
- Very fine type, or small tag lines may have to be omitted on smaller stamps

- Rubber stamp with acrylic backing
- Box for secure shipping and safe storage

- Word/Image stamps are not available in the 2" size. If you wish to have this please contact me directly
- Logo stamps are not available in the 5" anymore. If you wish to have this, please contact me directly before ordering.
- Rubber stamps are NOT recommended for corrugated cardboard. Slotboxes/mailers are fine as the corrugation is small, but take out and pizza boxes will not stamp well.
- Do not wash your stamp, especially if you plan to stick with the same ink colour, it is not necessary. If you do wish to change colours, give it a wipe with a wet-wipe or cleaning wipe.

Have a question? Email me at


OPTION 1: Word Logo Only
This is for a logo that is strictly just words. If you have a circle around your logo, or any imagery, please select option #2

OPTION 2: Word and Image Logo
If you have a logo that has words and an image, or just an image, please select this option


*** SIZING ***
Sizing is based on the widest or tallest part of the stamp. Sizing is approximate within 0.5" (ie, a 2" purchased stamp may be 1.50-2.5" based on what works best for the font or image). If you need a very specific size (ie to fit on a sticker) please mention that upon check-out.

I reserve the right to suggest upgrading or decline an order if the logo design is too complex. I rarely do this, but if I do it's only because I know the limits of my skills and I want to ensure that I create a perfect product for you.

I am always happy to consult on which package is right for you, email me at or DM me on instagram @saltandpaperca



Exactly as pictured and I absolutely love it. It's well made, durable and easy to use. I ordered stamps from another seller and they were nowhere near up to par but the owner of SaltAndPaperCA even tried to help me trouble shoot with products from another shop. I can't say enough good things about my stamp, or the customer service.

I won't make the mistake of ordering from anyone else again.

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Truro Heights, NS

Phenomenal rubber stamp. I am THRILLED with the purchase, and I know I will use it for years to come. Great vendor!!!

Waco, TX

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