Frequently Asked Questions

Logo Stamps take 3-5 business days to make

Portrait Stamps / Digital Illustrations / Portrait Ornaments take 3-5 days for your first draft. You can then approve or reject the design and send it back with notes. A new draft will take 1-3 business days. Again, you have the opportunity to approve or reject and send it back with notes. I am happy to continue editing your design until we get it right, but this will extend your production time. 

Shipping times vary from location to location (even within the same country). I dispatch my shipments from Toronto, Canada and these are the approximate shipping times from January - October:

CANADA - 5-10 business days
USA - 7-15 business days 
EUROPE - 7-15 business days 
WORLDWIDE - 7-20+ business days

During November-December shipping times cannot be guaranteed as the postal service does get overwhelmed with deliveries. Please place holiday orders early to avoid any disappointment. If it looks like a package isn't going to be delivered in time for the holidays or as a birthday gift, please contact me and I can arrange to create a nice certificate stating what you ordered for your recipient so that you have something to give them while you wait.

Salt & Paper is not responsible for delayed shipping once packages have been deposited in the mail. Salt & Paper is not responsible for missing untracked packages, so it is recommended that you upgrade to a tracked form of delivery. In the event that a tracked package is substantially delayed, I will start and inquiry with Canada Post and I will deliver their resolution to you once it has been made.

Stamp Troubleshooting

If you are experiencing any didfficulty making a perfect impression with your new stamp, these answers may help.

Please try not to clean your stamp if it isn't necissary. Constant cleaning can cause your handmade stamp to break down, chip, or get scratched. I do not recommend cleaning your stamp if you intend to keep the ink colour the same between uses, as an example, I have never cleaned my Salt & Paper stamp that I use for my custom orders since I always ink in black. If you do want to change colours and wish to clean your stamp, blot it a few times on scrap paper to remove any wet ink, and then wipe with a wet wipe, clorox wipe or a damp tissue until no more ink rubs off on it. Do not submerge in water, and do not clean with a coarse sponge. Your stamp will never return back to its base pink colour once it has been inked, but once gently wiped clean it can take on new ink.

Your stamps do definitely work, as you can see from the original test print I made on your storage box or paper bag. But rubber stamping does take some practice.

Please try the following:

1) Ensure your ink pad is being thoroughly inked. No need to press the ink down hard, that can actually cause more issues by flooding ink into the negative spaces. Just lay your stamp face upon your table, and tap the ink down on it lightly several times to get even coverage. You can check in the light to ensure that there is a nice wet sheen over the whole stamp :)

2) Place your stamp on your desired paper. Note, paper and cardstock are the best, a very thin corrugated box (like the SlotBox that logo and portrait stamps are shipped in), but a regular corrugated box will not take a good imprint because of the empty space in the corrugation. All surfaces must be FLAT ... so no assembled boxes or anything with bumps. And ensure that there is nothing under your paper/card.

3) With large stamps (ie anything over 2"), it's best to apply pressure by standing up and pushing down, its much harder to get a perfect imprint by sitting.

4) Apply pressure first to the centre, then, keeping the stamp very still, apply pressure to the four sides. And for good measure I always apply pressure to the centre again. It's important that the stamp doesn't move, so use your other hand to steady it while you re-adjust your pressure.

5) Practice. Make sure to get some solid imprints on some test paper before moving on to product or expensive bags and boxes.

I know this seems like a lot of steps, but truly it took me all of 5 seconds to stamp your box/paper bag, and you can see examples of that in my carving/stamping videos on my insta @saltandpaperca

Watch this video to see stamping a large stamp in action:

If you are having further issues, please contact me at  Please send me photos of your imprints (in the past it's helped me to identify issues like stamping on corrugated boxes, uneven surfaces etc)\