5 Thoughtful Valentines Gifts for Him from Small Businesses

Supporting small businesses is more important than ever, especially this year. That's why I thought it would be fun to round up some really fun products and accessories that your man will love, and a small business owner will love too!

#1. Damascus Chef Knife 

Does your man like to cook? Would you like him to cook more? Then get him this bad-ass chef knife and bring out the chef-warrior in him! It even comes with a sheath ...

You can find this at Black Beard Shop in Pickering, ON

damascus chef knife

2. Longitude & Latitude Keychain

Commemorate a special place, like the location of your first kiss, where he proposed, or even where you first knocked boots. I got one of these for my husband a few years back and instead of the coordinates for the hospital where our daughter was born, I accidentally plugged in the coordinates for a random house across town ... don't do that. 

You can find this at Orange Bridge Supply in Nelson, BC.

3. A Fancy AF Coffee Grinder

Look at how BEAUTIFUL this coffee grinder is! He's going to love it, and grind coffee shirtless, and make you fresh coffee ... and so this is really a gift for you, you're welcome.

You can find this at Rosewell Woodworking, in McDougall, ON

 handmade coffee grinder


4. A Rubber Stamp of his Face

Nothing says I love your face, like a portrait of his face, that he can stamp everywhere. This gift is especially thoughtful if he is a teacher, manager, or any other career that requires marking paper on the regular. It also comes in handy for birthday cards as he can simply stamp his face instead of signing his name :)

You can pick this bad boy up right here at Salt and Paper, in Toronto, ON

male face rubber stamp


5. A Leather Satchel of Photos

This one will pluck the heartstrings. Print out 25 of your favourite photos together, and bundle them up in the handmade leather photo satchel. Or better yet, book a session with a local photographer, and include the details wrapped up inside this satchel as a gift.

You can find this at Olive Leather Co, in Toronto, ON

leather photo album


5 gifts for valentines for men handmade small business

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