Watercolor Stuff to Do Daily Notepad

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You've got lots of stuff to do, and you need a way to keep it all organized. This daily notepad separates your life stuff (like errands, appointments, and things you need to get), from work stuff (like updating your LinkedIn, packing tomorrow's lunch, and asking your boss for that well deserved raise!). And if you don't think you can get it done today, add it to the Stuff For Another Day Box.

Hand painted watercolor design made with gouache by Salt & Paper.

*** FEATURES ***
- Date line
- Water intake tracker
- A place to write today's "big goal"
- Columns for Life Stuff and Work stuff
- Box for Stuff for Another Day

50 Pages
5x5 x 8.5"
70lb paper
Card backing



Exactly as pictured and I absolutely love it. It's well made, durable and easy to use. I ordered stamps from another seller and they were nowhere near up to par but the owner of SaltAndPaperCA even tried to help me trouble shoot with products from another shop. I can't say enough good things about my stamp, or the customer service.

I won't make the mistake of ordering from anyone else again.

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Truro Heights, NS

Phenomenal rubber stamp. I am THRILLED with the purchase, and I know I will use it for years to come. Great vendor!!!

Waco, TX

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